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The way we express our love for God depends on the type of relationship we pursue and have developed with Him. Our love for Him will not grow or be visible to others unless we spend time with Him, listen to His voice, and experience all that He has in mind for us. Jesus emphasized and modeled this in the New Testament.


Say something but mean something else

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The world has come to know Auschwitz as a symbol of terror, genocide, and the Holocaust. It was established by Germans in 1940, in the suburbs and outskirts of the city of  Oswiecim, a Polish city that was annexed to the Third Reich by the Nazis during World War 2.  Its name was changed to Auschwitz, which also became the name of the camp, called Konzentrationslager Auschwitz.

The camp expanded over the following years until it comprised three main parts: Auschwitz 1, Auschwitz 2- Birkenau and Auschwitz- Monowitz as well as more than 40 sub camps. The direct reason for the establishment of the camp was the fact that mass arrests of Poles were increasing beyond the capacity of existing "local" prisons.  The Poles were joined by the Soviet prisoners of war and Gypsies and other nationalities.   Beginning in 1942, the camp became the scene of the largest mass murder in human history, committed against the Jews of Europe.  The majority of the Jews deported to Auschwitz (men, women and children) were sent directly after arrival to their deaths in the Birkenau gas chambers, immediately after their arrival.  It is estimated that close to 1,5 million people were sent to these specific gas chambers and perished there (1,100 000 Jews, 150 000 Poles, 23000 Gypsies and about 10 000 others).



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Beloved in the Lord,

Dr-Dennis-KinlawGreetings in His lovely name! I trust that you are well and that you still experience the Lord’s wonderful blessings in this new year.

It is my determined purpose to know Him

I concluded 2010 with my annual year end preaching tour in the USA and Canada.  During those days the Lord spoke to me about fasting and prayer and I entered a Daniel Fast for 10 days.  I prayed for more intimacy with God and for the meetings.  During those days I was preaching about a three hour drive away from Wilmore, Kentucky.  I was able to visit with Dr Dennis Kinlaw, President of Ashbury College when God visit them in Revival Power, which is known as One Divine Moment. We spend four hours talking about Revival and the Burden of God for our nations.  He sang a song about the Wonder of  His Glory and the beauty of His Face and we became so aware of Him and the longing from my heart to get to know Him more and more.



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God still initiates

God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isa 55).  God is moving in exciting ways throughout the world to accomplish His purposes.  He is always initiating things, projects and activities, connecting people or creating new opportunities to minister.  He is not just interested in giving us new ministry opportunities but rather inviting us to join Him in something that He had initiated already.  I have become aware once again over the last few weeks that the Lord uses ordinary people to whom He gives assignments, which are in fact divine assignments, to accomplish His eternal purpose.



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Warm greetings to you all,

We have seen and experienced a number of things during the last weeks of ministry.

Ministry News


We were part of the Heart Cry for Revival- South East Tennessee Conference where the Lord touched the hearts of thousands of people. The Lord really moved in a very special and unique way and spoke and touched the hearts of many people.  The altars were filled with people every night with people getting saved, repented from their sin or simply broke before the Lord and re-dedicate their lives to Jesus.  Sometimes we just sat and linger in His Presence, not wanting to leave.


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Dearly Beloved,

Greetings to you all in His lovely Name!  Thank you for your involvement, prayers and loyal support to us in the ministry.

Ministry News

The past few months was once again a very busy period in which we had the privilege to minister with meetings in Lichtenburg (North West), De Doorns (Western Cape), Newcastle (Natal), Potchefstroom (North West), Alberton (Gauteng), East London (Eastern Cape), Middelburg (Mpumalanga), several congregations in South Carolina (USA), pastors’ conference in Malawi, leading a group to Israel and Heart Cry Conferences in Ireland and the Netherlands.  One of the highlights was two Pastors’ conferences that were held at Witwater Safari Lodge and Spa.



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I am currently preaching some special sermons on the principles of revival in the DR Church in Montagu.  Montagu is a charming, historic village nestled between two mountain ranges, halfway between Cape Town and the Garden Route, also known as the Oasis of the Western Cape.  See picture.

It is also a place connected with revival, when God came down and visited the community under the leadership of Rev Servaas Hofmeyer in 1860.  My heart and mind are filled with images of people walking in the streets talking about Jesus: lives, marriages and families impacted for Christ.  The Lord is blessing the meetings and my heart cry is that the Lord would come again just like in the days of old and visit us, or at least prepare us for another visit from on High.  However, I do believe that He is moving in the hearts of His people.




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Dearly Beloved,

Warm greetings to you all.  We trust that all is well with you and you still experience the Lords’ wonderful closeness and His presence in your life. It has been some time since I added a Blog to our website.  We had been very busy with some updates for our ministry.



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A visible though invisible instrument in the Hand of God

Liesbet is worth her weight in gold. She is the backbone of our household. She assists in the house, does the washing and irons our clothes and makes the most delicious “krummelpap” (crumb porridge). Liesbet lives north of Pretoria. She has one son and a grandson but also cares for her mother, aunt, two cousins and two European teenage girls (with the consent of social services). They all lived in her little three-roomed house. She recently moved into a new house in a new area due to her need for more space and also to better their living conditions.



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Storms of Life

I had been privileged to visit and walk in the Footsteps of our Lord in Israel several times over the past few years.  On one of those occasions we boarded a wooden boat at Capernaum to sail on the Sea of Galilee for an hour and spend some time in quiet reflection.  As soon as we were sailing away from the harbour we felt a light breeze developing and by the time we reached the centre of the Sea, the wind was blowing very strong.  We were sailing directly into the wind and because of the strong wind it caused a small storm on the sea with waves and swellings reaching almost two meters high. The water spilled over into the boat and needless to say, we were soaking wet.



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Warm greetings to you all.

The last few weeks and months was a very busy time with the 1860 Andrew Murray celebrations of Heart Cry 2010 and the arrangements for the tour to the Passion Play as well as touring with a group of 56 passengers in two buses to Europe for Passion Play in Germany, and to Turkey and Greece.



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Does God need us to accomplish His work? Certainly not! However, God has determined to involve His people. He calls individuals He can empower to be the instruments through which He can accomplish His goals and His eternal purpose. God is on a mission to reach the world and He invites us to join Him on this journey. God has a specific purpose and assignment for each and every one of us.

Over the last couple of weeks and months in our ministry and everyday life I have learned and experienced that when God calls or gives us assignments, He proves all that we need.



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Faith is the substance

The last couple of months turn out to be a very testing time for us as a family. We had a near tragic armed robbery in our home in December 2008 when my wife and daughter were tied down together with friends, and they were almost raped and killed. The Lord has wonderfully provided and we were able to work on the security system and do some upgrades.



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Dearly Beloved

Greetings in His lovely Name!  We trust that you are all very well and that you are still aware of Him through the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, with you and who moves with you every day.  May the Lord continue to reveal Himself to you more and more (John 14:21-23).

Time passes so swiftly and the year has already progressed far.  Between my daughter Leone’s school activities, our office work, writing and invitations to preach, we hardly notice it.  We already had the privilege to minister at services in Lichtenburg, Kempton Park, Vredendal, Krugersdorp, Bultfontein, Hoopstad and Newcastle.  The Lord has provided and blessed us tremendously.

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