Our Ministry


Teaching and Outreach

Our objective is to help people and churches to know and experience God more intimately that will dramatically affect their marriages, homes, churches, businesses and community. In doing so we believe that we can scatter the seeds of revival or help to prepare the atmosphere for a God sent-Revival and positioning ourselves for a Fresh Encounter with God in Revival Power. The method of operation is determined by the needs and the specific invitation of the local church or ministry.

Our Schools of Prayer and Revival or Revival Crusades usually takes place during the week from a Sunday morning through Wednesday night or during the weekend from a Friday night through Sunday night. Heart Cry plan and organize a crusade with one or more speakers according to the needs of the local church.  

God has burdened us to help you experience more intimacy with Him and live daily in personal continuous revival as an requirement for corporate revival. Some of our teachings are as follows:

Personal Revival

  • Why do we need to spend some time with God?  
  • How to spend some time with God?
  • How to hear the Voice of God
  • How to discern the Will of God for my life?
  • How to live in His presence continually?
  • Prayer and Processing an encounter with God
  • The power of prayer and the prayer of power
  • The prayer of faith
  • The prayer life of the Lord Jesus
  • The prayer life of James
  • The prayer life of King Solomon as preparation for Revival
  • The Vision of Nehemiah
  • Preparing the Way for Jesus

Corporate Revival

  • Leading your family in Worship
  • The Church and Revival
  • The Holy Spirit and Revival

Our Believe

Francois Carr endorses the following creed and are pledged thereto in all its functioning:

  • We believe in God Triune, one Being, three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Ghost (cf.2 Co.13:14)
  • We believe that God, the almighty Father, created heaven and all things therein, the earth and all things thereon (Gen.1:1; 2:1,2) and that He maintains it all by his authoritative word (Ps.104:1-35; He.1:3).
  • We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God (John 3:16), who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary (Lu. 1:26-35); who was crucified for our sins and rose again from the dead so that we could be pardoned (Ro.3:24), and that we, by our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord, can have free access to this grace, in which we now stand (Ro.5:1,2); who ascended into heaven to appear before God as intercessor for us (Ac.1:9-11; He.7:25, 9:24); from whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead (Matt.25:31-46; Ac.17:30,31).
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit (cf. Jn.14:16,17,26; Ac. 5:3), who converts us (Jn.3:5-8) and grants us what we now have obtained in Christ, i.e. the washing and cleansing of our sins and the daily regeneration and sanctification of our lives, until we shall be perfect, when we are set up in eternal life.
  • We believe that all of the Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) were divinely inspired and, as such, constitute the infallible Word of God (cf.2Ti.3:15-17).
  • We believe that man is, by nature, a child of wrath (Ep.2:3), and that he cannot see the kingdom of God, except that he be born again (Jn.3:3-8).
  • We believe that God gathers a church for himself by his Word and Spirit (cf. Ac.15:17) and the powers of hell shall not prevail against it (Mt.16:18).
  • We believe it pleased God to let the church become visible through offices and ministries (Ac.14:23; Tit.1:5; 1Pe.2:9).
  • We believe that, since the beginning, it has been the non-transferable duty of the particular office-bearers to prepare the faithful for their service in the edification of the body of Christ (Ep.4:11-16).  As an example, the gospel was committed to trustworthy men, who were then able to teach others also (2Tim. 2:2).
  • We believe that revival always occurs from Above in times of decline (Jn.6:63). It is the Spirit who revives the dead men's bones (Eze.37:1-14), who empowers the faithful to become witnesses unto God everywhere (Act.1:8), and who is the guarantee that the preaching of the gospel will be blessed (cf. Ac.14:1).  God promises the new life when his people ask Him the same in prayer (Ps. 85:6; 2 Chr.7:12-15; Jn.7:7,8; Ja.4:2).
  • We believe that true church regeneration (the fruit of revival) is the regeneration of offices, i.e. the particular office and the task of the believer as prophet, priest and king, since the taking of offices always occur in commitment to the local congregation (Ac.20:28; Ep.4:8, 11-16; 1 Pe.2:9)
  • We believe that the faithful should be employed in an ecclesiastically structured way, and that they should be allowed to offer themselves for ministerial duties spontaneously (cf.1Pe.2:9). The ideal congregation functions like a "workshop", where everyone knows his duty and also fulfils it (cf. Jo.15:1-7; 1Co.12:7; 1Pe.4:10,11). 
  • We believe that intercession, pastoral work and preaching are the actual duty of the church. The duty of the church as an institute and the duty of the church members do not encompass exactly the same field. The office-bearers of the church should attend to the flock (Ac.20:28) and prepare the members for their service (Ep.4:11-16). The church members, on the other hand, have a duty to fulfil in the secular world. This duty is actually unlimited in that it involves being the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Mt.5:13-16) and thereby to represent the new life in Christ all over the world.
  • We believe that, although the congregation is thrown on its own resources to be spiritually independent (Ep.4:11-16), it is also Biblically correct that a congregation may receive assistance from the outside, since Timothy was sent to the Thessalonians to fortify them and to encourage them in their faith (1Th.3:2). This assistance from the outside should preferably be rendered at the request of the church council of the local congregation(s).
  • We believe that Heart Cry is a friend of the church and, as organisation, it can be utilised beneficially by the church(es).


Toerusting en Uitreike

Ons doelwit is om mense te help om God meer intiem te ken en te ervaar sodat hulle huwelike, huise, kerke, besighede en gemeenskap dramaties daardeur beïnvloed kan word. Deur dit te doen, glo ons ons kan die saad van herlewing versprei of help om die atmosfeer voor te berei vir ‘n Godgestuurde herlewing of om gereed te maak vir ‘n vars ontmoeting met God in herlewingskrag. Die wyse waarop ons dit doen, word bepaal deur die behoeftes en spesifieke uitnodiging van die plaaslike kerk of bediening.

Ons Gebed- en Herlewingskole of Herlewingsveldtogte vind gewoonlik gedurende die week van ‘n Sondagoggend tot die Woensdagaand plaas, of gedurende ‘n naweek van die Vrydagaand tot die Sondagaand. HeartCry beplan en organiseer a konferensie met een of meer sprekers na gelang van die behoefte van die plaaslike kerk.

God het dit op ons harte kom lê om jou te help om Hom meer intiem te beleef en om daagliks in persoonlike, vohoudende herlewingskrag te leef wat ‘n voorwaarde vir korporatiewe herlewing is. Sommige van ons lesingmateriale sluit o.a. die volgende in:

Persoonlike Herlewing

  • Hoekom moet ons meer tyd met God spandeer?  
  • Hoe om tyd met God te spandeer
  • Hoe om God se stem te hoor
  • Hoe om die wil van God vir my lewe te onderskei
  • Hoe om konstant in Sy teenwoordigheid te leef
  • Gebed en die prosessering van ‘n ontmoeting met God
  • Die krag van gebed en die gebed van krag
  • Die gebed van geloof
  • Die gebedslewe van Jesus
  • Die gebedslewe van Petrus
  • Die gebedslewe van koning Salomo as ‘n voorbereiding vir Herlewing
  • Die visie van Nehemia
  • Berei die weg voor vir Jesus 

Korporatiewe Herlewing

  • Lei jou gesin in aanbidding
  • Die Heilige Gees en Herlewing
  • Die Kerk en Herlewing

Wat glo ons

Francois Carr onderskryf die volgende verklaring van geloof en verbind hom daartoe vir alle optredes:

  • Ons glo in God Drie-Enig, één Wese; drie Persone, Vader, Seun en Heilige Gees (vgl 2 Kor 13:13).
  • Ons glo dat God, die almagtige Vader, die hemel geskep het en alles daarin, die aarde en alles daarop (Gen 1:1; 2:1,2), en dat Hy dit alles deur sy magswoord in stand hou (Ps 104:1-35; Heb 1:3).
  • Ons glo in die Here Jesus Christus, die eniggebore Seun van God (Joh 3:16); wat ontvang is van die Heilige Gees; gebore is uit die maagd Maria (Luk 1:26-35); wat vanweë ons oortredinge gekruisig is en uit die dood opgewek is sodat ons vrygespreek kan word (Rom 4:25), en ons deur middel van ons geloof in Jesus Christus ook die vrye toegang verkry tot hierdie genade waarin ons nou vasstaan (Rom 5:1,2); wat opgevaar het na die hemel om nou ter wille van ons voor God te verskyn (Hand 1:9-11; Heb 7:25; 9-24); vanwaar Hy sal kom om te oordeel die wat nog lewe en die wat reeds gesterf het (Matt 25:31-46; Hand 17:30,31).
  • Ons glo in die Heilige Gees (vgl Joh 14:16,25,26; Hand 5:3) wat ons wederbaar (Joh 3:6-8) en tot ons eie maak wat ons in Christus het, naamlik die afwassing en reiniging van ons sondes en die daaglikse vernuwing en heiliging van ons lewe, totdat ons uiteindelik volmaak sal wees as ons in die ewige lewe gestel sal word.
  • Ons glo dat die hele Skrif (Ou- en Nuwe Testament) deur God geïnspireer en dus die onfeilbare woord van God is (vgl 2 Tim 3:15-17).
  • Ons glo dat die mens van nature ’n kind van die toorn is (Ef 2:3) en nie in die ryk van God kan kom nie, tensy hy weergebore word (Joh 3:3-8).
  • Ons glo dat God deur sy Woord en Gees vir Hom ‘n kerk versamel (vgl Hand 15:17) en die magte van die doderyk sal dit nie oorweldig nie (vgl Matt 16:18).
  • Ons glo dat dit die Here behaag het om die kerk sigbaar te laat word deur die ampte en die bedieninge (Hand 14:23; Tit 1:5; Fil 1:1; 1 Pet 2:9).
  • Ons glo dat dit van die begin af die onoordraagbare taak van die besondere ampte was om die gelowiges vir hulle dienswerk toe te rus vir die opbou van die liggaam van Christus (Ef 4:11-16). Die evangelie is byvoorbeeld toevertrou aan betroubare manne wat bekwaam was om ander te leer (2 Tim 2:2).
  • Ons glo dat herlewing in tye van verval altyd van Bo af plaasvind (Joh 6:63). Dit is die Gees wat die doodsbeendere weer laat lewe (Eseg 37:1-14), wat die gelowiges met krag toerus om oral getuies van Jesus te word (Hand 1:8), en die waarborg is dat daar seën op die verkondiging van die evangelie sal rus (vgl Hand 14:1). God belowe die nuwe lewe wanneer die volk van God daarvoor bid (Ps 85:7; 2 Kron 7:13-15; Joh 7:7,8; Jak 4:2).
  • Ons glo dat ware kerkvernuwing (as vrug van herlewing) ampsvernuwing is (dit is die besonder amp en die amp van die gelowige as profeet, priester en koning), aangesien ampsvervulling altyd in verbondenheid met die plaaslike gemeente geskied (Hand 20:28; Ef 4:8, 11-16; 1 Pet 2:9).
  • Ons glo dat gelowiges op ’n kerklik-gestruktureerde wyse ingespan moet word, en dat gelowiges ook toegelaat moet word om op ’n spontane wyse hulleself vir koninkrykswerk aan te bied (vgl 1 Pet 2:9). Die ideale gemeente is soos ’n “werkwinkel” waar elkeen sy plig ken en ook doen (vgl Joh 15:1-7; 1 Kor 12:7; 1 Pet 4:10,11)
  • Ons glo dat die eintlike taak van die kerk voorbidding, sielsorg en verkondiging is. Die taak van die kerk as instituut en die taak van die lidmate van die kerk dek nie presies dieselfde terrein nie. Die ampsdraers van die kerk moet die kudde versorg (Hand 20:28) en die lidmate vir hulle dienswerk toerus (Ef 4:11-16). Die lidmate weer het ’n taak om in die wêreld te vervul en hierdie taak is in feite onbegrens, om as die sout vir die aarde en die lig vir die wêreld (Matt 5:13-16) die nuwe lewe in Christus oral te verteenwoordig.
  • Ons glo dat, alhoewel die gemeente op homself aangewys is om geestelik selfstandig te wees (Ef 4:11-16), dit ook Bybels is dat ’n gemeente van buite af hulp mag ontvang, en is Timoteus byvoorbeeld na Tessalonika gestuur om hulle te versterk en in hulle geloof te bemoedig (1 Tess 3:2). Hierdie hulp van buite af moet verkieslik op versoek van die kerkraad van die plaaslike gemeente(s) aangebied word.
  • Ons glo dat Heart Cry ’n vriend is van die kerk en as organisasie deur die kerk(e) nuttig gebruik kan word.

© Francois Carr