• invitedGod is sending you an invite. Do you see it?

    Sometimes we find it hard to believe and trust the Lord, not so much because of the things that we see but because of the things we fail to see. This truth came to me during a recent preaching tour in the USA. I was working on my emails and attached to one of the emails was a bill that needed to be paid immediately and I had no funds to do so. My immediate response was to complain (in my prayer) and ask why now and why me and how we would pay this bill.

    When Jesus was faced with a problem, He trusted in, relied on and put His entire weight upon His Father. He lived in and by and through His Father (John 6:57), trusting His Father to take care of His problem and I needed to do the same. After praying, I walked towards the front of the Hotel, where I was staying, to get some coffee. As I was walking a thought came to my mind that changed the way I looked at that bill. That bill was not my problem! It was His problem! He would take care of it, but I needed to trust in Him, rely on Him and put my entire weight upon Him. In fact, that bill was His invite for me to join Him in working more deeply in my life, by strengthening my faith. It was not really a problem but it was an invitation. God allows a crisis in order to bless and do a miracle. He was sending me an invite to join Him!


  • soaring-eagle-520x245Why walk when you can soar?

    "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."
    -Is. 40:31

    Christian, are you tired? Are you discouraged? Are you overwhelmed? Are you ready to throw in the towel?

    At times we may feel so worn out and stressed that we are not sure if we can go on or simply take the next step. It is just work, work, work or stress and one crisis after the other as we give ourselves to the ministry or to one another. We constantly give our time and money, becoming weary in body and mind. Sometimes we suffer due to despair and failure, and yet, according to Isaiah 40:31 we are never to be weary in spirit - we are always to be carried on in the joy and strength of our Lord.

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    Connecting with God

    ReDiscover the Joy of Fellowship through the things you already know
    Speaker:  Francois Carr

    Place: The Cove, Billy Graham Training Centre, Asheville North Carolina
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  • francoisBeleef God in die Voetspore van Jesus
    Saam met Dr Francois Carr na Israel en Petra 

    19-29 April 2015

    "Kom laat ons optrek na die berg van die Here,na die huis van die God van Jakob, dat Hy ons Sy weë kan leer en ons in Sy paaie kan wandel" Jesaja 2: 3

    Liewe Pelgrim: Ons wil u uitnooi om saam met ons 'n lewensverandere Pelgrimstog in die Voetspore va Jesus na die Beloofte Land te onderneem. Kom stap saam met duisende ander pelgrims in die Voetstappe van die Here Jesus. Dit is 'n wonderlike ervaring-maar nie so wonderlik soos om nuwe en vars voetstappe van Hom vandag te beleef en ervaar nie. Ons sal verskeie historiese plekke besoek, op plekke staan waar Jesus mense se lewens aangeraak en verander het, en ook die geleentheid kry om self by hierdie plekke opnuut met die Here Jesus te ontmoet. Dit is nie dus net nog 'n toer nie, maar 'n Pelgrimstog waar ons meer kan leer van die gebruike en gewoontes van mense van die Bybellande en waar ons geloof versterk kan word.

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